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Step Into the World of inland lagoons and lakes situated parallel to the Arabian Sea

01. Bird watching and nature walks

Kondai Lip is a bird watcher’s paradise with a fascinating trove of endemic and migratory species and a nature lover’s delight. Guests may walk around the isle or take part in one of the tours that the resort offers.

02. Canal fishing

Canal fishing in the serene canals surrounding Kondai Lip is a popular pastime with our guests. Take in the beauty of your surroundings, dip your line and wait to see fortune brings you.

03. kayaking

If you want to explore the renowned backwaters of Alleppey in-depth with a bit of physical workout, the Backwater Kayaking in Kondai Lip is what we would recommend for you. This tour will take you to the near and far end of the backwaters, kayaking through canals, rivers, lakes and lagoons.

04. Shikara boating

The shikara is a type of wooden boat that owes it’s origins to the Dal Lake in Kashmir. The boats are of various sizes and are used for multiple purposes, including transportation of people. Boatmen use oars with a spade-shaped bottom to row the shikara. Kondai Lip is also providing evening boating and country boat cruise in the premises.

05. Cycling tour

Cycling through dirt trails you will get picturesque landscape that is lush with vegetation and passing groups of modest houses along the way.

06. Village tour

Walking on the banks of the narrow canals leading out from the resort for about 15 minutes, you will reach an area called Cherunkal. You will go past hamlets, prawn farms, lush paddy fields, foraging flocks of water birds.

07. Toddy tapping

At certain times of the year the palmyra and coconut trees on Kondai Lip are generous with their sap. It is an opportunity for guests to witness at first hand the tapping of toddy.